It was 20 years ago that The Magus (NECROMANTIA) and Sakis (ROTTING CHRIST) decided to form a project band under the name Thou Art Lord. The reason was plain and simple: to play fast, loud, extreme sinister music without restrictions and limitations. The whole image and attitude of the band was undoubtedly Satanic in nature, with violent overtones and an inherited rebellion against the ethics and lifestyle of all major religions, including a devious occult connection. Adding Gothmog as a vocalist the band became a hellfire trio!
THOU ART LORD never created music for innovation or progression. The desire of the members was to play music they love to listen to! Either is thrash , death or black metal, the band did not care as long as it was aggressive, powerful and sinsister.
Their first release was the 7”ep “Diabolou archaes legeones” (aka The Devil’s ancient legions) shortly followed by a split 7” ep with the Belgian black metal band ANCIENT RITES in 1993. The eps were received with great enthusiasm from the underground black/death metal scene and they sold around 8000 copiesaltogether! In 1994 the debut album entitled “Eosforos” was released by Unisound Records. The band proved once more their devotion to the extreme music with a totally destroying album!
One year later the second and more complete album entitled “Apollyon” , once again released by Unisound Records, was a testimony of diabolic fury and bursting violence. Much better sound, much better music! The receptance from the fans was once again huge but due to the obligations with their other bands and musical projects, the main members decided to freeze the band holding a future resurrection as a possibility.
It was 7 years later that The Magus and Sakis decided to bring Thou Art Lord back to life!! Kind of tired of the hypocrisy and “technical perfection” of the current black/death scene it was the right time to play “no holds barred” extreme metal! This time Seth (SEPTIC FLESH) joined their ranks as the main vocalist and Akis K. as the perfect drummer. “DV8” the title of the much anticipated album from the die-hard fans around the world! The album is a unique mixture of fast modern death metal, primitive black metal, haunting melodies, twisted harmonies and even slight new-metal touches. All the explosive elements of today’s hard/extreme music, packed into one big bomb ready to explode in your ears! The concept of the lyrics remains purely Satanic in nature with emphasis on sexual liberation, initiation into Higher Mysteries and the quality of Satan through the centuries. The most amazing thing is that a project band managed to create an album that many other bands of the scene would like to have done! A statement of the band itself concerning the last album "Orgia Daemonicum": “Here we are again after 3 years….Well the new album is like a tribute to all our influences.
To all the bands that fueled our souls with rage and passion all these years! We grew tired of all this boring plastic-triggered new recordings! Precision and technique but no feeling at all! So we return back to the basics like VENOM, POSSESED, SLAYER, BATHORY, SODOM even the likes of MORBID ANGEL! That is what this album is about: pure, satanic, extreme metal! Raw and powerful shit in your fucking face! No plastic, no triggering, just heart and soul! Praise Satan and bang your heads ‘till death!”
In 2012 the original members (Sakis, The Magus and Gothmog) teamed up once again to unleash hell on earth! With the addition of El (SOULSKINNER) on guitars and J. (RAVENCULT) on drums the band completed the lethal circle. As a gesture of gratitude to their fans they recorded a brand new track entitled “Three-Headed Hydra” available through their website and various other internet media.
The fans’ response was immediate and overwhelming! The new song proved that THOU ART LORD returned to their devilish roots with a vengeance.
Expect more soon…..

THOU ART LORD released a full length album through the underground poineer label NUCLEAR WAR NOW! records on Lp/Cd. the release date on cd is 17th of May .

Lp will follow soon.!!